The Bachelorette: S09E01 “Week 1”

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Entertainment : 3/10
Quality: 1/10
Sleeping Aid: 10/10

Great Bachelorette | Good alternative to sleeping medications

Bad cast | Boring | Too Predictable | Lack of quality bachelors

Tonight on the Bachelorette: An avid fan of the show ends up never watching again after the first very boring episode

This episode was paired and watched with a St. Bernardus Tripel beer. (7 out of 10 for the beer)

This season features Desiree Hartsock who was voted out last season. She’s an incredibly sweet girl who unfortunately was given the worst group of guys ever to participate on this show. The producers were probably fed up with all these unqualified “bachelors” applying over and over and decided to just throw them into one disastrous season. That, or they wanted to spice things up and hired the producers of Rock of Love and Flavor of Love to do the casting.

Some of the contestants included:

1. Reality TV show shirtless guy with the 30 abs

2. Weirdo in a suit of armor

3. Guy asking her to “go to the fantasy suite” not once, but 3 times

4. Generic guy 1, 2, and 3

5. Classic Bachelor bad boy with the girlfriend who shows up on that one episode and everyone freaks out

The show was wrapping up and it got to the ever intense rose ceremony, but unfortunately I fell asleep… Fell asleep? Yes, actually. Not only did I fall asleep but so did my girlfriend who is also a fan of the show. Two avid fans of the show fell asleep with their clothes on at 10 p.m because of how boring this season has started to be. It’s just too predictable.

Made up but probably true because this show is predictable spoilers ahead!

– Some contestant has a girlfriend in real life and she “finds out” he was on the show, visits, and freaks out. Crying ensues.

– The only guy in the whole show who wasn’t a psychopath (the guy with the son) will win the whole thing.



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