The Conjuring

8 Overall Score
Plot: 7/10
Visuals: 10/10
Acting : 8/10

Great lighting and cinematography compliment the old-school scares.

The story wasn't always consistent.

Last night, I decided to see Warner Bros. Pictures’s new horror film, The Conjuring. While I see almost every horror movie, I expected it to be hokey fun that makes an otherwise atrocious film passable. This was far from the case with The Conjuring. This movie hearkens back to many of the classic horror films all the while adding some fine acting, interesting cinematography, and impeccable lighting.

The movie stars Vera Farminga and Patrick Wilson portraying paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, whose cases are the inspiration for other films like The Amityville Horror. They come to the assistance of the Perron family, portrayed by Ron Liningston and Lili Taylor. Upon moving into their new home in Harrisville, Rhode Island, they encounter paranormal events of increasing severity. One thing that stood out to me almost immediately was how they did the opening title sequence. This is not something that stands out, well, ever anymore. The title creeps up in yellow to a black and white background to a very creepy score done by Joseph Bishara. It is much like that of horror films of yore and that’s what I liked about it so much.

The Conjuring - Promo 1The movie contains very old-school scares. Much of the vibe of the movie comes from the lighting, which I cannot say enough good things about. Near every scene was made all the better by it, from the superb placement of the cracks of light coming through doors to the colour of the light in the finals scenes. There is also the cinematography to consider. The film features some very unique camera angles and shots throughout the movie that don’t break up the action with camera cuts. When shit hits the fan toward the end of the film there is a scene where the camera goes from overhead to level with the characters the floor above perfectly.

The suspense in the movie is nearly constant. Director James Wan capitalized on how we’ve all been conditioned to expect jump scares from movies just when things are quiet for a second too long. There are some jump-worthy scares in the movie and they are fabulously done. However, the downside to this film might be the inconsistency of the approach to the other ghosts in the film. They face a daemon that haunts the land and has caused the deaths of many people. These people become ghosts themselves, and occasionally pop up in the film. One of them plays a role and one makes a cameo and by the end of the film you can assume their resolution but the subject is just kind of dropped.

IMG_0478.dngOverall this is not a perfect film, it does contain some plot elements that are by-in-large unnecessary and it does suffer from one problem most horror films does in that when you finally see the evil it’s not all that scary. That being said, this was also the finest and scariest horror film I’ve seen in years and I cannot recommend it enough if you are interested in seeing a horror movie or just a legitimately fine film.


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