The Gifted: S1E2: “rX”

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Within the world of The Gifted, it’s a very tough paradox for humans. One of the things that draws you into to the show is the timeliness of the overall story line. Almost ripped from the current headlines, the “X-Men” conundrum is an ultimate quest for civil rights. Again, the “incident” was eluded to that made mutants public enemies. “rX” mostly dealt with Clarice’s injuries and her inability to control her powers at that time, but there are deeper issues that come into play.

The episode shows the overall scope of mutants from both a human and first-person perspective. A scene in a bowling alley with the Strucker family hammers the point that humans very much look down upon mutants. This is in despite their great attributes and power. You would think there would be some grandiose admiration for it, but humans generally don’t take well to thinks that make them seem inferior. In jail, Polaris is having a rough go at it to say the least. No friends and no back up from other mutants that seemly want to blend in, she’s in a no-win situation. The pack mentality and device on Polaris’ neck makes for an underclass beneath an underclass within prison.

Two different conversations need to be highlighted. Caitlin and Marcos discuss legislation which personify the disconnect between the hunters and the hunted. Where Caitlin thinks that things can be solved by passing a law, Marcos has a more nuanced approach to where the goal posts could always be moved. Now that Caitlin’s own kids have revealed themselves to be mutants, she has to notice the plights of the other side.

There’s a cat and mouse game going on Reed and Jace. Two men that are not particularly bad, but warped because of different circumstances. Jace, a detective of Sentinel Services, lost his child in the “incident.” Reed just wants his family safe. The end game comes with the sacrifice of mutant safety. It’s unfortunate that Jace’s view is shaped by one incident. Much like terrorist attacks that happen in our society, the residue that occurs is that one group gets stereotyped.

Due to Clarice’s outbursts, the mutants who had a save haven are in evacuation mode. Will Reed cooperate? What case was Dr. Roderick Campbell (Garret Dillahunt) referring to and how does he play into the overall story? “rX” builds upon a good opening episode building on character development and giving just enough plot details to keep you coming back.

Photo Credit: Eliza Morse/FOX


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