The Killing: S3E05 “Scared and Running”

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Progress | Mama Dipps and the "Twin Peaks" comparisons

Worst Valentine's Day ever

And we return this week to “The Killing” where the hash-brown-slinging-slasher is looking a hell of a lot more guilty.

This, of course, means he is not.

Or is he?

Probably not – this is only Episode 5, you guys.

Linden and Holder continue to ask the hard questions to Mama Dipps (aka Laura Palmer’s mom a decade later) and discover that Mama Dipps is Mama to none other than the current prime suspect, Joe Mills. Plot Twist!

Linden’s parenting-issues once again come into the spotlight. At first, she sees how flawed Mama Dipps is. The woman has been running an illegal and underage whorehouse under the façade of a motel. She also has a secret back room where her son films child-pornography (or just asks really uncomfortable questions to underage girls). She takes the fall for her son because she wants to protect him, but the truth eventually comes out about their familial ties. Linden somewhat appreciates this extreme protection, even though it’s not doing Mills any good. Would Linden resort to the same desperation if it were her son, Jack, being searched for?

Linden and Holder go back to Danette Leeds’ home with a search warrant for Mills. Not much searching goes on, but Linden does get to put in her two cents about Kallie’s mother.

“Do you care about her at all?” she says. “People like you shouldn’t have kids.”

“If you spot it, you got it,” Holder says to Linden before proceeding to rub it in even more by telling her how much he talks to Jack, who is in Chicago, on the phone. When was the last time Linden spoke to her son? Episode 1.

The rest of the episode leads Holder, Linden and Bullet down Seattle’s sketchiest spots for street kids with no other place to go in need of shelter/medical attention. Linden and Holder think they’re searching for Kallie when Skinner reveals that a young girl who fits Kallie’s profile was seen badly cut-up and running away a shadowy figure in the woods by a young driver. Linden does a little extra detective work and discovers that whomever mystery girl was running from was definitely the serial killer because a red biohazard bag was found on site.

Bullet leads Linden and Holder to a spot under the bridge where Misogynist Punk Street Kids sometimes squat. Bullet can’t go and confront them because she’s a girl, but just like magic, Holder pulls out his Season 1 disguise. Gone is the suit and donned is the grey hoodie – a little nod to Holder fans.

The punks are useless but ultimately don’t smash his face because he is able to assuage the resident pitbull. Holder gets tipped off by Jebodiah, the high “Mexican” (it’s not even Spanish) speaking resident, who reveals he heard some crying come from cement pipes. They go in and find blood. Why didn’t they go in and DNA-sample this immediately to find out if it was Kallie’s and not a dead pig’s? I don’t know. Why didn’t the girl who got away go directly to the cops?

As Pastor Mike said, these kids are distrustful of authority, but when there is a serial killer on the loose pursuing you, you’d think the first thing a possible victim would do is go to the cops. Then again, the cops could ask too much questions and she could end up in foster care again.

This episode was full of questions that will go unanswered. If these questions were answered, the case would probably have been solved in the next two episodes.

Part of what keeps me wanting a fourth season to expand on this case is the fear of “The Killing” going away forever, but more so is Seward’s story.

Seward doesn’t reveal anything new about his relationship with Adrian, at least nothing different from what I could decipher last week. He’s tight-lipped about his family life with the inmates but does reveal that he was once in love with his wife but she wasn’t fit to be a mother.

I’m fully behind the idea of Seward being innocent, but I want to know exactly how Seward was sentenced to death and charged guilty without any substantial evidence against him. If the evidence were free of the slightest-doubt, Linden wouldn’t be back on the case. This case is just as much about finding the truth to the Seward case for her, as it is about finding the serial killer. For Linden to find redemption, the two cases have to ultimately be connected.

Bullet has one last place in mind where Kallie might be found. Linden and Holder enter a veterinarian’s clinic and find a man who tries to help these kids medically when they can’t go to a hospital. The girl inside is not Kallie, but the killer definitely was pursuing her; the evidence of her stitched-up throat and missing finger tell us so.  I can only hope she gives Linden and Holder substantial evidence and doesn’t play the forgetting game.

Finally, Mills gets another tension-rising musical ending when Kallie’s mom calls Kallie’s phone again and finds it ringing in Mills’ bag. It’s a classic move, but we know from next week’s preview that Kallie’s mom makes it to the police station. Time will tell what Mills does when confronted with the situation. My guess, and it’s a pretty obvious one, is that he goes on the run. Mill’s we’ll be seeing more of you, unless you really are the guy and you won’t show up until Episode 13.


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