The Killing: S3E08 “Try”

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Lazy writing | lack of commitment to the Seward case | Linden's general apathy

I woke up this morning feeling extra smug after last night’s episode.

But just because I was right, doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about the lazy writing, clearly evident this season in “The Killing.”

Pastor Mike’s alibi ended up checking out as just the guy who drove the escaped victim, Angie, to the veterinarian. He paid $800 of donation money, upfront, to help the victim, just so she wouldn’t risk being injected back into the foster care system. Angie’s blood turned up in his car as a result of this ride, and just as I suspected, he got a rental to avoid the police and the media targeting him as the murderer. It happened anyway, because this is Linden and Holder we’re talking about, and in the world of “The Killing,” photos of homeless prostitutes on a pastor’s office corkboard are just enough evidence/magic to target an innocent man and convince everyone that he is guilty.

Pastor Mike didn’t handle the situation too well either. We could have been spared these last two episodes if he would have just spoken when the cops paid him a visit after initially finding Angie. He claimed no one would believe his story, but in reality, no one had the chance to because Holder beat him at his own hypothetical-accusation game.

This one of “The Killing’s” biggest flaws: characters are so afraid of cops persecuting them that they conveniently leave out minute details that could really save a lot of time. I use the word conveniently because if people just spoke up when it made sense to, this wouldn’t be “The Killing” – it would be “The First 48,” or maybe even a rendition of “CSI.”

The pastor only made matters worse when he brought a knife to Linden’s throat and instructed her drive aimlessly down junkie memory lane. In his defense, he lost his ministry and his entire life after the Tempe, Ariz., “kidnapping” incident, which was actually an attempt to detoxify a homeless drug addict, who then lied about being kidnapped just to get out and score some drugs again.

“Junkie whore,” Pastor Mike said reminiscing the whole ordeal.

Incongruous words for a man of God, but then again, he saw his only solution to the problem as killing Linden and praying for forgiveness. He prayed, but didn’t touch Linden – he just put on a grandiose show before quitting the tough guy act and throwing his gun to the water. When Linden returned, she told Holder that the pastor wasn’t their guy, and Holder acted as if he completely forgot he was the one who started this wild manhunt.

Holder’s been in that hoodie for about 10 days now, since before Linden went to visit Seward just 12 days shy of his death sentence. I wonder if hooded Holder is just the guy to discover something in the Seward case file that Linden hasn’t noticed after three years of obsessively pouring herself over it. Who are we kidding? Of course he is! For rushed and sloppy reasons that Seward’s death sentence is T-minus two days and of course, we’re reminded of the fact that there are only three episodes left this season, the act of Holder suddenly deciding to pick up the case file and bring it back to his house practically screams “breakthrough observation.”

All throughout Season 3, I’ve just felt bad for Linden, whose detective skills are practically nonexistent. Her dead stares do nothing for fans of the show after consistently witnessing dead stares week after week. She hardly seems interested in conversing, forgetting about the bigger task at hand (talking to Adrian) until she’s reminded that the kid exists through the now-terrified Seward, claiming that he can get her access to his son.

Oh right, the Seward case. We’ll get to that – eventually. But in the meantime, whose down for some Chinese food and awkward sexual tension between Holder and Linden?

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