The Killing: S3E09 “The Reckoning”

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Killer caught

Seriously, when are we getting to Seward?

I’m still hung up over four words that practically ruined “The Killing” for me.

“Shepherd and his flock.”

I can’t get over it, and I won’t because I knew right at the moment that Holder pulled that out of his ass, the show was playing one big joke on the viewers.

I get it. Sometimes it can be fun to see how a seemingly normal character fits into the role of a killer. It worked in Season 1 when the same games were played on the teacher and even Holder. Now, three seasons into the show and well-acquainted with its tricks, it’s feels taken for granted.

I’d like the writers to know that fans are not dumb, and they wont stay if you turn your show into “Gossip Girl” by taking us down a rabbit hole of plot twists that eventually disappear when convenient.

So after Holder actually seemed annoyed at the task of doing real police work to search Joe Mills’ storage unit, (He probably still thought Pastor Mike was the guy they should be tracking down, am I right??) all the pieces conveniently fell into place and the two cops got their killer.

On one hand, it’s a relief that the killer was revealed before the season finale. In effect, the last two episodes left will follow Ray Seward, who got the short end of the stick repeatedly this season. The only problem is that Seward is now less than 24 hours away from a wrongful death. Linden thinks Adrian is lying about seeing Mills on the day his mom died because she instantly believes Kallie’s mom telling her that Mills was in Alaska. I’d run it through Mills, just in case, because you never know when a missed opportunity gets turns into a botched case. If the two cases were truly unrelated, my best guess on who killed Trisha Seward would have to be Forgiveness Inmate What’s-his-name, solely because of his sociopathic behavior after “cracking” Seward.

We know that a single nudge in one direction completely means it will end up actually happening, as evident with awkward almost-kiss that resulted from the hints of sexual tension between Linden and Holder. Linden needs to step up her game. It’s the second time she pulls out the awkward to avoid kissing someone she clearly wants to kiss. It’s not going to happen as long as Linden’s playing the human contact form of chicken.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 8.35.35 PM

Holder, like so many tortured souls on TV, transfers his feelings onto a completely inappropriate place in an attempt to feel better, or not feel anything at all, after tragedy. While the Pied Piper went down and victory was Holder’s, it wasn’t before adding another girl to the list of victims. This one was different. She wasn’t wearing a ring; she was wearing a bullet across her neck.



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