The Purge: Anarchy Review

7.7 Overall Score
Story Line: 7/10
Characters : 7/10
Potential: 8/10

A story that can be resonated with in real time | Action packed

Plot Holes | Pacing is bad at times

Sequels! Hollywood has fallen in love with the concept of potential franchises to the point even the slightest of hits at the box office is considered for a three-movie arch. With horror movies in particular, budgets are usually so minuscule that the movie is guaranteed to turn a profit. The Purge was a surprise hit in 2013, earning over $150 million worldwide. Usually these sequels are lacking the punch of what enticed us especially in the horror field. The Purge: Anarchy not only improves on the platforms of it’s processor – it broadens the story that can branch to multiple movies and actually mean something.

The first movie showed a more localized version of the pressing problem just mainly focusing on one family’s plight through 12 hours of complete lawlessness and chaos. Returning director/writer James DeMonaco does a good job in setting the overall message of the movie into an encompassing satire on today’s society. It is rare that we want to learn a lesson in your standard horror film. We crave the gore, malice and well..gore. Anarchy is the grind house movie that directors like Eli Roth wanted to make, but also actually hold your attention. With multiple settings and multiple characters to follow this go around, it heights the pace and and gives you points of view from every walk of life.

Right from the beginning, the stage is set as the overall head known as the New Founding Fathers don’t really use the concept of the Purge just to act on our overall vices, but a source of population control. This is mostly where the rich can “cleanse” the poor without any repercussions. If that does not resonate with the plights of modern society today, then I don’t know what does. There is even a scene where the rich is shown auctioning off the poor to cure their sick blood lust. DeMonaco has no qualms about stating his distrust and disdain about the rich.

A shining character within this movie is that of a bad-ass mystery man (Frank Grillo) who is our primary protagonist. On his quest of vengeance for his dead son, he says a few words and does his killings armed with plenty of guns and a muscle car. The basic calling card for a mysterious hero right? There really is no “bad guy” as it is equated to society and overall viewpoints. The Purge just exposes the ugliness that is inside of all of us rather than freeing the very morality that these characters try to shield themselves from. There’s some good stuff here. I’ll be waiting for the next sequel, but I hope this franchise doesn’t go down the path of Saw past in making unnecessary movies.


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