The Walking Dead: S02E10 “18 Miles Out”

9 Overall Score
Zombies: 9/10
Drama: 9/10
Acting: 9/10

Shane and Rick beat the shit out of each other | Zombies

No Dale | Andrea is the worst

9’s across the board!

But really, this was a solid episode of The Walking Dead. After last week battling some pacing problems, this episode hits the nail on the head. On one hand we have Shane and Rick battling, amongst each other, a police yard full of walkers. On the other, we have a now conscious Beth battling with the though of suicide. Well scripted, acted and paced on both story lines. Hell of an episode.

The episode starts with Shane and Rick searching for a spot to let loose Randall, who’s leg is now (mostly) healed. Right away Rick stops the car to let Shane know that he has been aware of their affair for a while. Rick also questions Shane about Otis’ death, to which Shane admitted to sacrificing Otis to save Carl. Shane then gets all Shane-like and accusing Rick of not being able to do the same to protect his family. I was excited that this confrontation finally happened, but it seemed to be a lot less exciting than I would have hoped. I mean, if I’m telling my best friend that I know he fucked my wife then murdered and innocent man to save my child, I’d have a little more emotion than “meh”. However, in the scope of the entire episode it worked quite well, setting the stage for their confrontation later in the episode.

Shane and Rick’s conflict finally turns physical as they take turns beating the shit out of each other. It escalates to the point of Shane hurling a giant wrench that crashes through a window. Then ZOMBIES! A whole mess of them come flowing out of the building. Rick has few cool moments between hiding under the dead walker and the intense scene where 3 zombies dog pile him. Shane gets stuck in a bus and Rick leaves him. Yeah right. He returns in a mini-van to save Shane in classic Rick style.

Drama was going down on the farm as well, as the gang deals with Beth’s wanting to commit suicide. Lori and Andrea get to arguing about something girls argue about; shoes, babies…I don’t know I zoned out. Really though, Andrea tells off Lori for taking away Beth’s “choice” to commit suicide. I really enjoyed this scene, especially because it got a bit ‘catty’ between Lori and Andrea. Andrea poked at the fact that Lori can’t drive and is a slut, so she won the argument in my book. Her whole position of “Lets her do it if she wants,” was really reminiscent of  Shane.  This episode makes it clear that the show is trying to establish another female leader to counter Lori. It flirted with the idea of Andrea taking more of a prominent role before, but this episode finally decided to run with it.

I enjoyed this episode a lot. As I mentioned above, it does a great job of pacing and both storylines were interesting. I think the fact that it didn’t try to focus on every character made a difference. I’d like to see the show focus more episodes around fewer characters. One of the best episodes of the season. Easy.

I guess Dale, T-Dawg, Carl, Glenn, Carl and Daryl were playing cards in the basement or something like that.



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2 Comments on "The Walking Dead: S02E10 “18 Miles Out”"

  1. Pat Haynes February 28, 2012 at 1:07 pm - Reply

    Really, really good episode. The music at the end was perfect for the tone of it too, not to mention the fact it came from a great band. Shane and Rick’s fight scene was perfect, as was their convo at the end.

    Also, wouldn’t no Dale be put in the thumbs-up category?

    • Andy Maroon February 29, 2012 at 5:04 pm - Reply

      No. Dale is great. The fact that he always looks like he just shit his pants is an issue, but as a character I love him.

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