The Walking Dead: S7E1: “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”

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After months and months of investigating, hypothesizing, and detective work – we finally know who bit the bullet (or in this case, the end of the bat). In order of this episode to be effective, we had to lose someone of purpose. Before looking into this, let’s look at the overall arch of the episode itself.

This was the absolute breaking of Rick. For the majority episode, this was through Rick’s point of view and through his own emotions. We have watched six seasons of the group sustaining some losses, territory, and some part of themselves – this was the ultimate breaking point. The Governor was an almost formidable foe, but not like Negan. Negan in every sense of the world is the immovable object in Rick’s way. Not only did he take two people from the group, he broke our main hero in front of the survivors. The last few frames in the episode was the most effective scenes of the episode, sans the deaths. You got the real sense of hopelessness and dejected feeling from them without using any words. Most of the episode were “games” that Negan used to exert his power over Rick. Picturing “what could be” as far as other character deaths or if everybody survived the ordeal – if used sparingly, would have had more emotional weight.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan is such a convincing villain. There’s this cockiness and absolute virulence to him that is so strong that it almost encapsulates Rick. It will be interesting to see where Maggie comes into play further along in this character arch. Throughout the entire ordeal, it seemed like she became the strong one and Rick became the person that was offering comfort. It was nice to see zombies play a role in this episode – although the humans have been the forefront of the most dangerous “animals” the past couple of seasons, they are still an existential threat. Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. SPOILERS DEAD AHEAD:

Abraham’s death was brutal – there’s a feeling that he was becoming more of a liked characters as the seasons went on, but Glenn. If you have read the comic, you already saw this coming. To see it on a TV screen right down to the sure carnal nature of his murder was something else. The fact that both Abraham and Glenn did not die right away, adds to the realism and pain as it happened to your own family member. We’ve grown up with these characters for so long that their deaths could not be off camera or just a flashback. We needed to feel every swing of the bat or live the horror of Maggie looking into Glenn’s face as he is getting killed. Were the deaths too much? Yes and no. You can see where the grisly and savage murders could want someone to completely write this episode off. This will be a fork in the road for many viewers.

This was a very emotionally jarring hour and thirty minutes. There’s no doubt that there will be ramifications and lingering effects to this. For now, let’s take a deep breath and go from here.

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