The World’s End

9.5 Overall Score
Writing: 10/10
Plot: 9/10
Pints Consumed: 10/10

Wildly entertaining and funny from start to finish.

A couple out of place moments of drama.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are back in the final chapter of the Cornetto trilogy, The World’s End. This near-two-hour romp through a pub crawl known as “The Golden Mile” is as funny as their previous works if not more. If the idea of a few friends trying to finish a pub crawl in a town taken over by robots appeals to you then, you’re in luck.

The movie begins with Simon Pegg as Gary King retelling the glories of his youth – how he and four of his closest friends went on a pub crawl called “the golden mile.” This crawl involves stopping at 12 bars in the town of Newcastle Haven. This pub crawl was never seen to completion but he still regards it as the best day of his life, ending the tale with a remark that he’s never had a day better than that. A member of the AA group he’s telling this to asks if he ever finished the mile, which sparks his idea. King then gets the band back together, although it’s been over 20 years. After much convincing the go back to their hometown to go on the crawl only to find out that the town has been taken over by robots.

The World's End - Promo 1The acting in this film is as good as ever. Nick Frost plays his best childhood friend who has a certain contempt for him after a terrible accident but agrees to join none the less. The group dynamic between the actors works very well and it only gets better after they have a few more pints. Either these guys are terrifically good at acting like they’re drunk or they really were smashed for the filming, providing ample laughs throughout the film.

The movie contains gags aplenty. Doing a fine job of knowing just when to insert a joke into serious and downright bizarre situations. The final confrontation at the end would have otherwise been cheesy if not for the brilliant responses by Pegg and Frost.  What sets this one apart is that it contains the most action of any of their movies. There’s a variety of fight scenes that are as entertaining as they are funny. I’ve never before seen action sequences in a comedy that have such a perfect balance of coolness and hilarity. It certainly rivals Shaun of the Dead in terms of laughs.

The World's End - Promo 2The only downfall of the movie that I can think of is the periodic moments of drama caused by King’s alcoholism. There are a few dramatic moments of the movie where it’s brought up and becomes an issue, but it often feels out of place as so much of the movie carries on like it’s not as serious as they made it out to be. I almost wonder if that aspect of the plot was necessary at all.

Overall, this might just be the finest work of the Cornetto trilogy. It certainly is the biggest production the group has made so far. No matter if you are a fan or are new to these guys’ humor, I cannot recommend this movie enough.


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