Tommy Wiseau’s “Neighbors” Will Give You A Reason To Move Out

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Dialogue : 1/10
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Plot: 1/10

Sorry Tommy but you are no longer my favorite customer.

Tommy Wiseau has yet to realize that he was only funny when he wasn’t in on the joke. He claims that The Room was intended to be a comedy only after everyone was laughing. Well, nobody’s laughing now Tommy. The Neighbors attempt to be funny is actually laughable. It’s painfully obvious that Tommy wrote every single line of dialogue with the intention of it being quotable, but all he ended up doing was force feeding dialogue down our throats like you would a french goose.

In his attempt to replicate the “cheap” feel of The Room he chose to record the audio for this show in what I can only assume was his own personal flip phone. The audio quality was so off-putting that it was hard to even concentrate on what was being said. Here’s how I think this went down. Tommy read online that one of the funniest things about The Room was the poorly written dialogue and how his lips rarely matched his words. He then intentionally tried to write dialogue for The Neighbors to be as awful as he could imagine because he thought that’s what his fans would want, and none of the actors had the heart to tell him that it was actually bad.

The choice to wear this hideous wig speaks volumes into the amount of effort Tommy put into this show. He specifically chose to wear this wig because he knew it looked ridiculous, but the fact that he intentionally chose to use it for that purpose kills the joke. What he should have done is shaved his head and put a wig on that looked identical to his natural hair and cut to the point that you couldn’t even tell he was wearing a wig.


This show is packed with examples of Tommy trying way too hard to illicit a reaction from the audience, but every attempt falls flat. Another example of this attempt at humor is the fact that one of the neighbors only walks around in a bikini. Tommy’s repeated attempts at shock humor started to make me feel kind of bad for him. He’s like that kid jumping up and down for his mother’s attention, but no matter how hard little Tommy tries, she just ends up tuning him out.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 7.55.50 PM


I won’t even bore you with details surrounding this “plot” because there’s really none to follow. It’s a bunch of poorly written characters living in one apartment complex overseen by Tommy Wiseau. Hilarity does not ensue.


Tommy Wiseau tried way too hard to replicate and exaggerate what made The Room unique and in doing so made a tacky and unwatchable show that will fade away into obscurity. Bye Mark.


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