Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain DLC

9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Visuals: 9/10
Value: 10/10

For what you pay, this is a massive amount of gameplay for an already highly replayed game.

It's tough to say, but the community might be outbuilding the developers at this point.

If you haven’t experienced the addicting nature of Trials yet – even as it adds to its second full incarnation on the Xbox Live Arcade – the Origin of Pain might serve as the final straw for getting those who’ve somehow missed the boat into this arguably essential, yet still fresh franchise. RedLynx put out an entirely new version of the game earlier this year in the form of Trials Evolution, and Origin of Pain is the surprisingly quick first DLC for the game. Without question, the added tracks, editor tools and quirks to the game make for a strong addition to an already impressive game.

The added tracks in the campaign mode are some of the most involved tracks the series has seen in terms of track interactivity and creativeness from the developers. After seeing what people have done with the editor portion of the game, it isn’t surprising to see the in-game tracks take a step forward both in difficulty and environmental cohesiveness. You won’t be able to just lazily fly through these tracks without taking the time to see what the course will do as you progress – especially as the courses get more difficult in terms of tier. The addition of an old-fashioned pedal bike to your arsenal is a bit of a chuckle at first, but offers an interesting control dynamic in that you’ll have to consider your movement a bit more in the process.

Even in the supercross vein, the tracks seem more in tune with the increased skill and determination of users, though even now the DLC tracks seem a little timid compared to the hardcore tracks fans are making at this point. The cool thing though is that even in the two skill games put on the DLC, people are showing completely out of context ways to use the editor such as first-person games, arcade shooters and n+ style ‘don’t do anything’ tracks.

Without a doubt, the biggest winner in this is the creative community who’ve already been doing some ridiculous things with the editing portion of this game. It’s tough to immediately scratch the surface without some prior knowledge of how certain things work in this game, but to say that the exterior and interior ability of the editor has changed would be an understatement. Even if you aren’t particularly interested in building the tracks yourself, you won’t have to go far to see what new things are being thrown about in the community of tracks – which is probably the best thing this game has going for it at the moment.

Origin of Pain is a well-placed addition inside of the Trials realm – and a practical steal at 400 MS points. While it would certainly be wise to go back to the original Trials HD to take in where this game has come in such a short time, anyone willing to buy Evolution and jump right into this DLC afterwards won’t be disappointed either.


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