True Blood: S1E4 “Death is Not the End”

7.6 Overall Score
Story Line: 8/10
Characters : 7/10

Goodbye Vince! | Setting up the grand finale | Sookie takes the reigns!

Introducing ANOTHER Vampire | Some off the special effects were really bad

This episode and many episodes like it is the epitome of my love/hate relationship with this show over the years. To quote the legend Al Pacino, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in”. Total clinched fists and all. It will give me enough main plot to keep me watching and to look out for the next episode. While it’s taking sometime for us to get there, I think we are going into the main plot of the final season. Stars are aligning and we are getting into the meat and potatoes of the whole thing.

Our once annoying and frail Sookie is finally showing a little muscle, eh? Remember when I talked about her being a little weak for episode one? It was refreshing to see her take charge with a couple situations. Talking to Lisa and Coby about getting Arlene back and a tough love session with Jessica about her blood anorexia. Seemly, the person who is at the cause of all the dissension actually rounded up the gang for a good plan to take care of the Hep V vampire problem. Indirectly, we found a way to eliminate them and the angry mob in one swoop.

“Death is Not the End” is a fitting title for this episode in general as we have some old characters revisit and old feelings as well. Hoyt and Ginger (death of memory), Terry (premonition). Also, the scene with Jessica and Lafayette really sums up the whole series. Although Jessica is alive, the whole killing and feeding off living things is starting to get to her (at the wrong time, however – finally got that wound fixed!) Death really isn’t the end for our vampire friends, but with all the collective shit that they’ve been through, you almost wish that they found one. Are those sparks flying between Eric and Sookie? Well, Pam is none too happy about that. It will be interesting to see where the love dynamic goes between Sookie/Bill and Pam/Eric. There is someone in this weird square that is not going to get their happily ever after.

The flashback scenes of 1986 “Fangtasia” were a welcomed and humorous edition complete with Eric’s 1980’s wind-tested hairdo. Pam’s sarcasm is hilarious with the scenes with Ginger and we even get a little authority lead in that gives us another reason to hate them…or love them. If it weren’t for the video store fiasco, there would be no Fangtasia or Bon Temps to begin with. Yes, everything is coming full circle. It was an unceremonious end to our neighborhood mob (although with Vince getting stuck in the head, it was fun), but gave us the gory fight that we wanted.

With Alcide dying in the last episode, we got a breather from any major characters taking a dirt nap. I’m betting on many more main character deaths – I mean, everybody can’t make it to the end. Ironic given the title of this episode and also, a possible hat-tip to irony. We got through the unnecessary side stories (we hope) and hopefully, the show is on track to give us a compelling end. This episode was able to tie things together effectively. Ok, I’m still listening.


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