True Blood: S7E1 “Jesus Gonna Be Here”

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The fact that Eric is alive | Pam being a badass

Too much storyline filter | What was up with that ending?

Fellow “True Blood” fans, we have been through the ringer these past seven years. It varies from witches, the infamous “Billith”, a maenad, and more Sookie relationships that you can count on two hands.  Here, we start the end of our journey with seems like the most troublesome of issues the town of Bon Temps has faced. I’m going to refrain from calling them zombie vampires (although..c’mon!), but the threat that they give are going to put our characters through trials many will probably not survive. I’m a little cautious after watching this episode, however. In recent seasons, it seems like the show has been grabbing onto some semblance to either wrap up the story or continue on.

In this episode, we are lead right into the aftermath of a ill-advised vampire/human mixer that ends with one of our main characters meeting her end. A rather, uneventful end at that. Tara (Rutina Wesley) has been put through hell throughout the show. I’m not ready to close the casket on her character just yet. If it’s one thing we know from “True Blood”, it that nobody really stays dead. As Tara’s death was very sudden and almost moved on from too quickly, I expect to see her back in some form — albeit a flashback or something of that nature.  Pam did not seem to feel her die as her maker which was a tip off to me. A few tears were shed, but as a major character through seven seasons, Tara could have had more meaningful reactions to her “death”.

One of the big themes in this episode comes around our main character, Sookie (Anna Paquin). The poor girl just wants to fit in. Throughout the series, she has traveled the road paved with good intentions, but somehow her actions end up backfiring. This mainly comes at the expense of the people she loves. Sookie’s powers are a gift and a curse. The town of Bon Temps blames her for their lovable town going to shit and Sookie pulls out a speech at the end of the episode that puzzles me. For someone that does have history with dealing with vampires and powers to stop them, would it kill for Sookie to have a little strength? I mean, she has to stop playing the please like me role at some point right?

I can’t get over the filter in the episode which has always been the crux of my issue with the series in general. Do we need another authority challenging figure to shake our heads at? Meet Vince (Brett Rickaby), the rebellious answer to the question no one should be asking during a crisis where you all could be dead. How you do keep Jason important? Not have him go after the hemp-v vampires like a cop should do, but rather play up the tug-of-war dynamic with Violet. At least we see another way to use a cop car. (Could not go an episode without the obligatory sex scene). So, we have Willa for what reason exactly? Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

The actual interesting dynamics from this episode were from Jessica /Adilyn and Bill/Andy. Both are a vampire/human relationship out of necessity that could play itself out in either triumph or tragedy. Adilyn may have been too quick to trust Jessica — I mean, she did eat her sisters and all. Andy is in a tough position, but is forced into the whole odd couple relationship to find Holly. I like that this storyline have the potential to grow into a major one. It’s a mainstay that will keep a show that has veered off the course on a path for the time being.

Will I keep watching? I’ve been in it this long and have to at least see it through. With the weak, abrupt ending and the attention to side stories, “True Blood” came back as more of a whimper than a bite than I expected. A whole freaking town is being picked off and we have nine episodes until the grand finale. Let’s get this show on the road because we are currently stuck in quicksand.


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