True Blood: S7E10 “Thank You”

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The After Credits Scene

Bill's "Dramatic" Death | The marriage - why?

We were here to the end. We made the finish line. It was a long journey to our end – seven years to be exact. HBO’s successful show came to a confusing and rushed end.. I mean, this was really convoluted. I referred to things not making a whole lot of sense in previous reviews for episodes, but “Thank You” took it up another ten stories. I don’t know if there was supposed to be a certain romanticism with Bill dying – I’m sure that we will never know or be able to guess either.

Before I get into that, let’s cover the antagonist for Season 7..I’ll wait. There was a lack of a strong presence in this season that really got to our characters. In past seasons, you had witches and the government which brought the main characters down to their bare core. The Yakuza gang never seemed threatening at all. In fact, that was shown within the first minutes of the episode as Eric and Pam tore through them. That definitely could have happened about four episodes ago, but remember – had a lot of episodes to fill and needed actors to fill them.

Hoyt and Jessica’s wedding was strange to me. It was good that it brought back the friendship between Jason and Hoyt, but it was the exchange between Sookie and Bill that was the interesting part. For the first time, Sookie could hear Bill’s thoughts which confirmed him to want the happily ever after scenario that I’m sure we all envisioned. Yet, this still meant nothing. Bill was hell bent on death and had Sookie kill him. This whole situation threw me for a loop as we were so certain that the couple that was going to be together was our King and Queen, Sookie and Bill. I’m still not sure why Bill had to die – maybe it was for Sookie to have that moment to FINALLY accept who she is? I just don’t know why it took Bill dying to cross that bridge.

With the amount of time allotted, I think the writers could have thrown another monkey wretch. Hell, there were pieces to work with, but from what I saw, I feel that fatigue may have set in. We do get a glimpse into the future where everyone wins (Yay!). In what all these surviving characters have been through, it’s good that they got a little slice of heaven in their own way. For me, I just wish that the viewer also got that with the final season as well. I bid adieu to True Blood and the town of Bon Temps. It was definitely a roller coaster ride.


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