True Blood: S7E2 “I Found You”

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Set up future storylines | Eric is back | Who doesn't love a good apocalyptic story?

Bill and Sookie again? | How many ways can Lettie Mae get vampire blood?

It’s time to arm up in Bon Temps! At the heart of this episode, our new vigilant figure Vince, rallies the town against do-gooder mayor Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell). Throughout the series, there has always been the common theme of fear of the unknown and rallying around the cause. I’m not sure if this is commentary on our current state of affairs on how our media perpetrates crisis, but it does work well. I mean, there are mentions of the 2nd amendment and shared struggle motifs as the mob takes over the police station. There is an obvious parallel. The angry mob shares stories of Sam changing into animals and declares war on the circumstances that are bestowed upon them. Whenever there is a cause to be made, the major catalyst is praying upon people’s fear.

We also find out that Bon Temps has been sucked dry by the Hep V vampires. I mean, Walking Dead dry as there are barely any person left to feed on. Matter of fact, foreshadowing is another main theme of this episode. We find out that the Hep V vampires are feeding a little too much to keep up with the food supply. Will the “infection” spread far beyond Bon Temps as they look for food sources? It’s kinda has to right? I know that for the majority of this series that the main focus has been on this small town, but with the last season, it’s time to raise the stakes. Let’s get a national crisis going or have we seen that story far too many times? (every zombie movie and tv show) It’s actually kind of refreshing that it’s localized. You feel more invested in the characters once True Blood does not focus on the secondary fodder.

The Sookie /Alcide/Bill dynamic is key, especially when Sookie(Anna Paquin) reads the diary flashing back to the first “date”. As the saying goes, “you can’t fight city hall”. With story lines, they always have a way of coming full circle. I would imagine that in someway, they are going to end up back together much to the she-grin of Alcide(Joe Manganiello). Somebody has to end up happy and why not our tragic couple where the groundwork has been laid for many seasons. The girl in the diary ends in tragedy which maybe how Sookie’s story will ultimately end as well. The Hep V mystery thickens in itself. Jessica’s wounds aren’t healing and Eric actually has the virus. (Dun Dun Dun!) It may actually be possible that all vampires are infected somehow that will be explained in the coming shows. “I Found You” did a better job at setting our characters up for the eight remaining episodes.

Many things seem to be tied together. Lettie Mae (Adina Porter) uses her new vampire blood addiction to contact Tara(Rutina Wesley) (I told you she’d be back) through hallucinations. What is Tara trying to tell her mother? Why did the Hep V vampire disintegrate when taking Arlene’s blood? Are the clues that Sookie read in the diary about a girl going to Fangtasia more foreshadowing? Thankfully, with this episode, I’m more inclined to find out from a more focused narrative.


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