True Blood: S7E3 “Fire In the Hole”

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Goodbye Maxine!

Sidecharacters galore!

We knew that with the last season of True Blood, that it would come with some surprises and shocking deaths. The season has been very disjointed right off the bat. We are shown flashbacks that could have been addressed in earlier seasons entangled with trying to wrap everything up. With Bon Temps in an armageddon-like scenario, we would be naive to think that everybody would have a happy ending. So, with that I’m going to address the huge elephant in the room — the death of Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello). Now, I didn’t even expect that coming, but you have to look at the big scheme of things. Sookie pretty much destroys everything she touches in some way and Alcide pretty much served his purpose. Even since Season 3, he’s had eyes on Sookie and he finally got her..which is why he had to die.

If you look at any show (for better or worse) every character has a purpose. I’m glad to see that in the upcoming death kneel of this beloved series that we are trimming down the essential fat to make the following events more uniform — still didn’t see this coming. However, didn’t we all have a feeling that Sookie and Bill have unfinished business? It’s a bit ironic that that the plan to help save the people Sookie loved claimed another person. She never learns from these harebrained schemes to offer herself up for a better cause. I feel like this is not the last person we are going to see perish into that white light.

The flashback between Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) gives us a foreshadowing glimpse into what we could be dealing with down the road and our overall bad villain. (Dun Dun Dun!!!) In his typical rebel fashion, Eric ignores the warning of the Authority in the partnership of mainstreaming with a Japanese company. We already have the dynamic of the Hep V vampires and the crazy townspeople rebellion. While a clever way to bring back Sarah Newlin into the fold, it’s almost convoluted to introduce yet another obstacle of adversity for this show. After all, We only have an hour every week.

Once again, I think the show captures that chaotic feel that you need when everything goes to complete shit. If anybody is going to have any emotional impact, we have to at least focus on them. Cut down on the side stories and get back to the people that started it. There are seven more episodes left and I’m hoping it gets more interesting from here. A lot of blood is going to run from here on out.


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