True Blood: S7E5 “Lost Cause”

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Eric going badass at the end | Finally acknowledging past deaths

No More Lettie Mae please | More of Eric and Pam

How do you combat unrelenting sadness and the defeat of Hep V vampires that have been terrorizing your local town? A big ass party, that’s what! Actually, it was anything but a party. A common theme that has transpired through the previous four episodes is with the deaths so quick, there was no time to grieve. The party was a congregation of closure not only for our fallen heroes of Tara and Alcede, but even with Andy and Jessica dynamic and the start of “happiness” for Lafayette. As Jessica has finally come to terms with what she has done, Andy was able to forgive and move on to the next phase of his life with Holly. The celebration of new life vs the acknowledgement of death is really what the whole ethos of what True Blood is and this episode.

Through seven long (and sometimes head-scratching) seasons, many of our characters have experienced some type of loss whether physical or emotional. It’s easy to get lost in that especially when vampires are immortal and abundant. Whether it’s Pam that realizes that Eric is pretty much dead or the end of Jessica’s relationship, everything has a beginning and an end. I can’t help to think that “Lost Cause” is more of a prelude of the inevitable end of most of the characters we loved as we know them. We come to find out that Bill has Hemp V. (play the shock music) You didn’t think that everybody would live happily ever after right?

We have also see the rekindling of old flames. Bill and Sookie has been in the making for weeks, but Jessica and Jason as well. You can even argue that the re-teaming of Eric and Pam in their Bonnie and Clyde-type relationship. You can’t ignore fate, but at least for two of these unions that might not happen. Eric probably has a couple more episodes tops and Violet is probably going to show us the real meaning of a woman scorned. Another episode and more focus on side stories and flashbacks. We get maybe 15 minutes of the main plot which has now transported to Dallas. The show has split into two roads with multiple side stories.

It’s a lot to take in and with five episodes left, we really need focus to get back on board. The last scene was extremely well done in the contrasts of Sookie wearing Alcide’s jacket to bed and Bill discovering that he is indeed infected. Basically everybody that Sookie has ever loved has perished or dying. Bill has only been feeding on Sookie, so will she in fact perish as well? It’s possible that none of our major players makes it out of this intact – nobody wants a Disney story anyway!


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