True Blood: S7E6 “Karma”

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The Bellefleurs | Surprisingly, Sarah Newman

We get it, Violet | Seriously, we get it

You know that I couldn’t stay mad at you. Every time that I feel that the show is losing me, here comes a solid episode pulls me right back in. I mean, with good reason now that we only have four episodes left. All the chickens are coming home to roost, so to speak and our characters will never be the same – good or bad. This episode appropriately named “Karma” explored that sentiment whether it be intentional or because of another person’s actions. Sarah Newman is almost an a reverse position than she was earlier in the season. The Yazuka is damn near bankrupt because of Hep V and our religiously enlightened brunette is now the cure. How is that for irony?

The notion of power or lack there of is explored through Bill’s story. Bill finds out that he has Hep V at a rather ferocious pace at that. The character who was essentially a god could not be anything further from “god like”. As a cherry on top, we find out that Sookie was the person who cursed him. It’s a story that has come full circle in an almost romanticized way. The love affair that Sookie had with Bill led her down this roller coaster of love and lust. Bill almost kills her taking her blood earlier in the series, so it is only right that Sookie will be his downfall.

The exchange that happens with Bill and the vampire lawyer explains this further. Vampires are insanely fast and in most ways, superior to humans. (sans that whole drinking blood and sun thing) Hep V has knocked them down a couple pegs and as we found out, vampires as a whole do not have too many rights. I felt that throughout the whole show, True Blood did not explain the whole vamp plight too well, but better late than ever right?

Remember when I complained about Lettie Mae? Well, I’m going to briefly rescind on that only because her situation works within the context of this episode. Lettie Mae treated Tara rather harsh (understatement) in the beginning seasons, but is going through extraordinary lengths to find what she is trying to tell her. There’s a nice little polarizing bit about religion here where once a devout woman is now at the mercy at an unnatural means to get in touch with the after life. Most important, what the hell is Tara digging at? Violet and Adilyn, I have to meet with a big eh at this point. It’s clear that they are only around as one of True Blood’s illustrious side story bits. Not a bad episode indeed – here comes the home stretch.


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