True Blood: S7E7 “May Be the Last Time”

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Where the hell is the main storyline? | Violet, we get it

Holy filter episode, Batman! Honestly, I feel that the writers of True Blood sat around in a room and got scared that they had so many episodes to write. I’m pressed to think that this season could have been shortened down to a eight episode arch to circumvent the lag. Boy, this episode was lag-tastic. There was nothing really of substance here and the show made no headway in even continuing or addressing the major story points. Not even a morsel. Everything is pretty much set for an immediate finale. We know the source of the cure and the residents of Bon Temps have moved on from a rather crazy seven year time span. Let’s wrap this up.

Let’s start with Violet. I get the whole “hell hath no fury” gimmick, but does she really serve a purpose at this point? There were some foreshadowing of a smack down with Jessica (I mean, it’s inevitable) Wade and Adilyn are just as useless at this point. While they didn’t go all 50 Shades of Grey on us as the toys provided gave lead way, they are just basically bait for the final encounter for Violet and Jessica. Start eliminating the unnecessary hoopla – we are three episode away!

Dr. Ludwig, Niall and Hoyt all come back as a nostalgic look into True Blood’s past. This was actually a nice little touch, especially with Hoyt not being reduced to a phone call or simple flashback. Niall was there to further push along what we all knew was going to happen during this season. The union of Sookie and Bill rides again! In what may be the last time, at the end of episode, they have a sexual union where Sookie vows to be with Bill in the end. No matter who Sookie was with in throughout the seasons, I always felt that this would happen – as did everyone.

Sarah Newlin went loopy in seeing the images of her past lovers which didn’t make a lick of sense. Does the antidote have that effect? It’s hard out here for a messiah complex. Almost every series that is about to end has a filter episode, but this one was bad. Hopefully, in the three weeks to come, we rev up the engine to stop hitting the snooze button.


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