True Blood: S7E8 “Almost Home”

6.4 Overall Score
Story: 6/10
Characters: 6/10
Dialogue: 5/10

Goodbye Violet | Eric stays alive

Rehashed story lines | What's our endgame?

Perhaps it’s just me or was this the episode that should have been the lead up to the finale? This episode was a microcosm on how I have felt about the writing all season. We are absolutely treading water in ending one of the HBO’s best series. The tourniquet has been closed off on the majority of problems that plagued us throughout the season, so why are we still here? Well, if you feel like me you have to at least see this thing to the end.

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad the Violet story has ended. There were only so much you can take of the psycho ex-lover bit. Eventually someone had to get their comeuppance, but I would have liked to see Violet take somebody out to make all this somewhat meaningful. Lettie Mae is finally done with her vampire induced Tara conquests only to once again make peace with each others’ shortcomings and forgive each other – yet again. I said a couple of episodes back that in the essence of True Blood, that nobody really stays dead. Since we did not really have a reaction to her death. Speaking of things not staying dead, Hoyt is back being infatuated with Jess with an all too convenient fight with Bridgette. As Jason and Jess pretty much put each other in the friend zone, I’m guessing that each of the two will end up back to each others arms by season’s end.

Eric’s Hep V is cured (of course, you can’t kill Eric off!) and a business deal is born to not cure vampires entirely, but make them dependent on the “cure”. That is kind of intriguing given to what it could possibly mean for other vampires in the series. Are we still focusing on the bigger picture at this point or just Bon Temps? I can’t really keep up. The Yakanomo Corporation are still the overall bad guys right? With this season, the narrative has trouble focusing on the big picture (Hep V) overall the emotional aspect. It gets to the point where it plays into to it a little too much.

Bill not taking the cure was a bit dramatic and puzzling. This is supposed to be something that cures you to live happily ever after with Sookie and you don’t take it? Perhaps there’s this self guilt going on internally for putting everybody through so much crap – it just doesn’t make sense. Perhaps this will be our main sticking point for the two remaining episodes to come. I just figure that this show would be better served with a better premise instead of the Shakespeare-like tragedy that we are being set up for. We deserve a little better right?


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