True Blood: S7E9 “Love Is to Die”

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Ginger got her some

Bill, are you still here? | Lack of a definite antagonist that we care about

It’s beginning of the end and I don’t think I could have been more disappointed in it. I’m probably just as confused as Bill was in the beginning of this episode. All we needed is a speech bubble and the audience to play a big game of Mad Libs and the scene would have came off better. Things just kinda…happen. The cherry on top would have been explaining why he would not take the cure with one of those “because aliens” memes.

When we ended the episode last week, it was supposed to be the “GASP’ cliffhanger to catapult us into our conclusion to the story. The first scene came off baffling as while Bill is getting slapped by Sookie and Jessica, he simply cannot explain his decision. You are a main character in this circle of a story and you have nothing to say about your impending death other than a Keanu Reeves expression? We could have done a little better than that. Especially because your friends all went stealth to Fangtasia to cure him and this is how you repay them. I always had a feeling that Sookie was destined to be alone given the fact that something bad always happens to her love interests (R.I.P. Alcide). It could be that Bill wanted to end the cycle on his terms, but the choice could have been a bit more believable and heartfelt.

Newly released Jessica ends up back with Hoyt and Jason is learning to actually court a female in the proper manner with Bridgette. This season has been all about tying up loose ends, so I was ok with these parts. Hoyt has been through the ringer and if anybody deserves a happy ending, it was him. Jason has grown from the “frat boy/horn dog” to somebody who wants more – a family even. They didn’t sleep together. It’s a character coming full circle instead of basically forgetting about them. Is this going to be a full on transformation with other women as Bridgette has hightailed it for Alaska?

Pam and Eric have been the comic relief for the past couple of episodes – albeit the bright spots. Pam’s sarcastic dialogue with Sarah and the henchmen is one aspect of how I’m going to miss this show. Pam is always able to add subtle jabs and not skip a beat. Eric finally gives Ginger what he wants although it lasts for only three seconds tops. This is even funnier as men is usually portrayed in this role. It was reverse around and it worked like a charm.

There’s a party within this episode and unfortunately, I’m all partied out. I see one of my favorite shows as one point limping clearly to the finish line. Why tease this Sookie and Bill reunion only to have Bill kill himself for almost no reason? Well, at least there is always Pam and Eric to look forward to.


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