X-Men: Days of Future Past Review

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I had a very cautious and guarded sense of optimism when I heard that Bryan Singer was coming back to direct the X-Men franchise. Like many people (or not so many), I watched “Superman Returns” and cringed. Thankfully, with Singer’s return back to the mutant franchise, he picked up where he left off in building a cohesive universe that made sense as X2. I’m sure we all want to forget that convoluted mess of X3, but Days of Future Past writes those wrongs.

In the distant future, almost all of mutant kind are dead thanks to the adaptation of the Sentinels that curtail any of the mutant’s powers. Here we see familiars Magneto and Professor X (Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen) and some new mutants as well such as Bishop and Blink (played by Omar Sy and Fan Bingbing.) teaming up to try to salvage what is left of a very bleak future. Ultimately, somebody has to be sent back in time to stop this from coming into fruition. Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is sent back in time by Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) to have the defunct instance of the X-Men re-team to change their future fates.

One of the most impressive things about “Days of Future Past” was how the movie that had a massive task of casting and story and manage to make it all fit. The time period backdrop of the 1970s is the perfect buffer between the struggle of how the humans intend to handle the mutant “problem”. The U.S.A. had just came up short in the Vietnam war and looking for some semblance or cause to unite against. Also, our Young Magneto (Michael Fassbender) is implicated in the assassination of JFK.  It’s why in my humble opinion, the recent X-Men movies work so well. Every comic book movie with the recent emergence of “The Dark Knight” series has been somewhat rooted in realism.

Screenwriter Simon Kinsburg establishes a story that has a real threat with history that weaves in the mystical powers of the humans. Another impressive thing about the story is the plight of humans vs. mutants. The contrast of the younger Professor X (James McAvoy) and younger Magneto (Fassbender) will have the viewer conflicted on what side to choose. On one hand, you have Magneto’s side where he has been persecuted and jailed for attempting to help JFK in the shooting, fuel his understandable hatred towards humans. It creates an anti-hero dynamic in tune with the comic. On the other hand, Professor X is a broken man who had lost a lot, but most importantly, his faith in his gifts. Kinsburg and Singer do a good job to show you the Professor’s resurrection into the character that we all know and love now.

X Men

The unsung hero of the movie is the character is Quiksilver (played by Evan Peters). Albeit a short role, Quiksilver brought a very light hearted tone to the movie. His display of his super-speed showed off the visual effects muscle of the movie. If you are familiar with the legal throw down between Fox and Marvel over this character, Singer was able to draw first blood even though I would have liked to see more of him. Hopefully, if you know a little bit about the character’s history and caught the easter eggs (although might be prohibited legally), he will play a big role in the movie’s upcoming sequels. This movie is not without it’s shortcomings. Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) is the movie’s main antagonist and creator of the Sentinel technology. While we do see him in the movie in periods, I would have liked to at least dig a little deeper into the character. With a lot of plot going on, he’s almost rendered a weak antagonistic role that Magneto overtakes as the movie goes on. With a great actor like Peter Dinklage, it would have been good to see him utilized to his full potential.

Also, there is little to no illusion to the previous First Class entry. The movie assumes that you are caught up to speed and this may lead first time viewers in the dark as to why certain things are important. Still, Days of Future Past is a very enjoyable experience that took a very big task of 18 past and present characters and lays the groundwork for a bulky sequel in 2016. It’s not the best super hero movie ever, but definitely the best X-Men movie ever. Welcome back, Bryan Singer.


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