Television Reviews

South Park S16E02: “Cash For Gold” ()
March 25, 2012 -

South Park continued this week and this time targeted a common enemy of most, the dreaded “Sell your gold” scams. … Read More »

South Park S16E01: “Reverse Cowgirl” ()
March 15, 2012 -

South Park returns from its winter break to begin its sixteenth season with an episode full of toilet humor, pun… Read More »

Fringe: S4E14 “The End of All Things” ()
February 26, 2012 -

So Fringe tries to pull out all the stop this week, but unfortunately it fell a little flat. Last week’s… Read More »

Fringe: S4E13 “A Better Human Being” ()
February 19, 2012 -

I’m really digging this new format to Fringe. They now seem to have completely cut out throw away episodes. It… Read More »

Fringe: S4E12 “Welcome to Westfield” ()
February 13, 2012 -

This week’s episode was quite the change from the norm for Fringe, but is still somewhat predictable. It was a… Read More »

The Walking Dead: S02E08 “Nebraska” ()
February 12, 2012 -

The Walking Dead is back after an exciting mid-season finale at the end of November. This episode picks up right… Read More »

Fringe: S4E11 “Making Angels” ()
February 5, 2012 -

In this episode, both versions of Astrid get thrown into the forefront.  Unfortunately we finally realize why she was so… Read More »

Alcatraz: S01E04 “Cal Sweeney” ()
January 31, 2012 -

This week is better than lasts, but that is not saying much. To be completely honest i expect a lot… Read More »

Fringe: S4E10 “Forced Perspective” ()
January 29, 2012 -

Fringe heads back to its standard formula this week, but it’s an episode that actually works, though cliche at times…. Read More »

Alcatraz: S01E03 “Kit Nelson” ()
January 24, 2012 -

This episode had mediocrity written all over it. In my opinion, the pilot episode of Alcatraz was crap, and if… Read More »