Television Reviews

Boardwalk Empire: S4E9 “Marriage and Hunting” ()
November 14, 2013 -

“I used to believe in God. Now I don’t believe in anything.” As Van Alden uttered these words in Dean… Read More »

Boardwalk Empire: S4E8 “The Old Ship of Zion” ()
November 4, 2013 -

The eighth episode this season managed to both get Boardwalk out of its midseason rut and provide an episode matching… Read More »

Boardwalk Empire: S4E7 “William Wilson” ()
October 31, 2013 -

This week’s episode of Boardwalk Empire, “William Wilson,” was a slow moving episode that set things up for future episodes… Read More »

Boardwalk Empire: S4E6 “The North Star” ()
October 18, 2013 -

She’s back, people! Margaret has made her first appearance in Season Four in a brief lunch with Nucky at Pennsylvania… Read More »

Boardwalk Empire: S4E5 “Erlkönig” ()
October 15, 2013 -

This week’s Boardwalk Empire, fittingly titled “Erlkönig,” saw the demise of two characters. While this isn’t exactly new to the… Read More »

Boardwalk Empire: S4E4 “All In” ()
October 2, 2013 -

There’s sometimes a feeling you get when watching Boardwalk Empire that something is going to go terribly, terribly wrong. It’s… Read More »

Breaking Bad, S5E16 “Felina” ()
October 1, 2013 -

The finale was as good of a finale as I could have hoped for. It was everything I didn’t know I wanted to it be.

Boardwalk Empire: S4E3 “Acres of Diamonds” ()
September 25, 2013 -

“Acres of Diamonds” moves the plot forward this season after two set-up episodes, and is all the better for it.

Breaking Bad: S5E15 “Granite State” ()
September 24, 2013 -

It was one of the more spectacular episodes of the series and a great follow-up to the mind-boggling “Ozymandias,” proving once more that “Breaking Bad” writers are aliens, or some sort of superior species of writers.

Boardwalk Empire: S4E2 “Resignation” ()
September 23, 2013 -

While not as bombastic as the season premiere, this week’s Boardwalk Empire gave us an intriguing new character to watch… Read More »