‘Rogue One’: Why A Star Wars Movie Might Be More Relevant Than Ever

You’ve seen it all across your social networks. Within this election cycle – Facebook comment sections and twitter feeds have become a battle field of discord. Fake egg and animal picture accounts patrol anyone who has a difference of opinion and attack like some sort of National Geographic documentary. I would guess that there were some Thanksgiving dinners that had to be a bit awkward – some dinner tables silent as you pushed food around the plate avoiding addressing the elephant in the room.

Rogue One’s release date has been cemented for years, but coming off the tail end on one of the most divisive presidential processes in history, this movie could not have been chosen to be released at a better time. Chalk it up to that Disney/Lucasarts foresight. There’s been one theme that has been echoed across every single trailer: rebellion. No matter what side you were on, there is a distinct good and bad side that you can determine in the movie.

Think about it – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is set in between Revenge of The Sith and A New Hope, once again drawing the rebuilding parallel once evil has done it’s damage. From what we know about the story, the Rebel Alliance which is comprised of all different characters from all different backgrounds have to steal plans of the death star from the Empire. The back drop of a tyrannical government with evil figures oppressing a certain realm of people and in turn, those people finding a way to fight back seems all too familiar.

Any source of entertainment can be a source of euphoric escapism. For a two hour period, you can immerse yourself in a fantasy world and engage with the protagonist and jeer the antagonist. One of the main reasons that the Star Wars saga has stretched through generations is the quintessential good vs. evil story line. Sometimes the bad guys win, but all in all, the good guys dust themselves off and come roaring back.

Now, I don’t feel that everyone in this movie comes out unscathed. If you’ve seen A New Hope, the Empire is still very in charge. However, in order for the good guys to win, they have to start somewhere. Now, you can interpret that in anyway you choose and apply it to your own being or just travel to a galaxy far, far away – that’s the beauty of movies.

Main Photo Credit: Lucasarts


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