Screen Rants: Frozen

It’s official; Frozen has melted my heart.

I don’t know exactly what did it either. Perhaps it was the wonderful coming-of-age plot line between the two main characters, the colorful landscapes and scenery, or the brilliant soundtrack. Yeah, it was probably the soundtrack — the single catchiest, most memorable, and incredibly well-written conglomeration of vocal work I’ve ever seen in an animated film. I went on a mission trip with some classmates last week and we listened to the soundtrack non-stop. “Let It Go” is seriously so fun to sing along to.

"FROZEN" (Pictured) ELSA. ©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.Disney has had some struggles over the last decade or so. They’ve put out a lot of duds, and they’ve failed to capture the same magic that enthralled me when I was a little kid. Some of it was a lack of originality, some of it was a failed mix of emotional seriousness and light fun. However, it took an already-told story to reignite the Disney magic. Now that I’m a 19 year-old college student, they’ve found a way to reach people’s hearts as effectively as ever. It’s like The Lion King all over again — except this time, we’ve got a winter wonderland taking the place of the African plains. And instead of Scar being a metaphor for Stalin and Soviet Russia, we’ve got the two sisters creating a certain analogy for lesbian incest. Okay, never mind that.

But the fact that they’re able to create a film that can cater to all ages in such an effective way it’s astounding. You don’t want to water things down too much in order to keep the more thought-heavy adults from getting bored, but you want to keep the central themes easy and characters likable enough in their attitude and expressions that little kids can easily latch on.

Yes, I know the snowman dude didn’t have to be in the movie, but his lines were hilarious — and Frozen needed a bit of laughter to go along with its clever songwriting, beautiful scenery, and adorable everything.

But before I go on with how adorable this film is, you might want to listen to this. It’ll give you nightmares for weeks.


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I'm a student at the University of Kansas hoping to major in journalism. I love Christopher Nolan films, eating at Taco Bell, and playing indoor soccer. I also like to watch How I Met Your Mother and enjoy writing poetry.

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