Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer: First Impressions

I’ll be the first to admit, I was a little weary before this summer’s Captain America : Civil War and it’s inclusion of the web-slinger. After all, we went through five movies including two universes where the last movies tried to pack in too much.

Tom Holland‘s take, the result of a deal that Marvel and Sony cut to include the character in the MCU was both funny and natural. We’ve been familiar with Peter Parker’s origin story two times over and his cameo was one of the highlights of the assemble movie.

The first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming did the things it needed to do to create buzz for the movie. First off, it shows that the movie is a natural continuation of the Marvel cinematic universe. From what we can see, there’s no “sad” Peter struggling with the past. There’s a lighthearted tone and we see that things have already occurred since Civil War.

Robert Downey Jr.’s presence as Iron Man is also helpful as the reluctant mentor to Peter. Now, at the end of the trailer, it shows both Spider-Man and Iron Man flying together. Isn’t it cool to see the person who essentialy started the MCU helping along the young buck in his journey of being a hero?

I was interested to see Michael Keaton as The Vulture. Now, there’s no crazy green suit littered with feather and a bald head. It’s a real world character with a menacing, modern take on his costume. Looking at the few glimpses that we get, you feel bad for Peter Parker because this is a villain that may be too big of a task for him at this time. Although, you can assume that he’s been Spider-Man for sometime, but his age plays a factor.

In this universe, you have larger than life heroes like The Hulk and Captain America. Peter Parker wants to show that he has a place in that world, so you get the sense that that along with balancing keeping who he cares for safe will be a simple and effective premise for the reintroduction of Spider-Man.

All in all, a good trailer that will only bring more people to see Spidey’s “homecoming” next summer.


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