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By Murjani Rawls, October 6, 2016 0

Blood moons. Massacres. Poor Cricket. Poor, poor Cricket. Is it crazy to believe that we are already at the halfway… Read More »

By Murjani Rawls, September 22, 2016 121

If you ever wondered how many classic horror tropes could be fit inside an hour TV episode – then the… Read More »

By Murjani Rawls, September 15, 2016 143

The lead up to the current season of American Horror Story was shrouded in mystery and a bunch of trailers… Read More »

By Murjani Rawls, October 9, 2014 153

Let me go ahead and say for the record that I like the Tim Burton-esque spin with the opening credits…. Read More »

By Claudia Marina, February 2, 2014 2 Columns, Telediction

Oh, and the Super Bowl.

By Claudia Marina, January 29, 2014 30 Columns, Telediction

I, too, recently went to a party and the night resulted in me thinking I broke my toe.

By Claudia Marina, January 21, 2014 18 Columns, Telediction

“Gurls, gurls gurls.”

By Claudia Marina, January 11, 2014 938 Columns, Telediction

This week’s Telediction is all about “American Horror Story,” partly because there’s nothing else on TV.

By Claudia Marina, October 31, 2013 134 Columns, Telediction

Connections, neat! Let’s make some.

By Claudia Marina, October 17, 2013 1,265 Telediction

I’ve finally emerged from the very dark place (my room) post “Breaking Bad” finale, and I’m ready to start an entire new obsession with this season’s shows.