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By Admin, October 14, 2014 947

Enter the Crucible to hone your competitive skills against other Guardians in arenas that span the solar system. Victory will earn you rewards and reputation. However, we did not earn much reputation but we were definitely rewarded with 41 minutes… Read More »

By David Roa, October 9, 2014 4

SPOILER WARNING: The mice get together and decipher what the hell went down in Destiny and the story that left many confused Will we go off subject and end up not really understanding what went on ourselves? Possibly.

By Admin, August 13, 2013 395

The guys play some laggy Castle Crashers while discussing what the hell  a “Yolo Angel” is.

By Admin, June 25, 2013 238

This week on Dead Screen Let’s Play: The cast sings Bob’s Burgers songs The infamous ketchup proctology story Shenanigans As always, please comment to let us know what we should play next.

By Admin, May 1, 2013 4

Another installment of Dead Screen Let’s Play. This week includes such gems as: The bros getting beat in record time. A fun pack of friends. The infamous toilet hack. Let us know in the comments any other games you want… Read More »