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By Claudia Marina, July 3, 2014 16

As “Mad Men” draws to a close for this year, I have a pretty good feeling where the show is… Read More »

By Claudia Marina, May 7, 2014 166

I’d argue that this is same-level yet sober-worse than his bout with alcoholism and general pathetic disposition in Season 4.

By Claudia Marina, April 30, 2014 18

“I wish it were yesterday.”

By Claudia Marina, April 24, 2014 116

NO, you grow up!

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California Bitchezzz

By Claudia Marina, January 2, 2014 118 Columns, Telediction

Happy New Year, Teledictioners!

By Claudia Marina, April 1, 2013 510 Editorials

When I first started watching “Mad Men,” Betty Draper quickly became one of my favorite characters and this scene might have had just a little to do with it. But as I became a more active watcher of the period drama, I… Read More »

By Claudia Marina, April 1, 2013 72 Editorials

Megan Calvet came, she saw, she said it was a one time thing and then suddenly became Don Draper’s hot, new and much noticeably younger wife. She’s French-Canadian, an actress, “glamazon” and a woman-child. There are many sides to the… Read More »