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By Joe Ballard, April 2, 2019 0 Reviews

Due to a glitch in Toonami’s programming two weeks ago, SAO episode 7 “Swordcraft Academy” and episode 8 “Swordsman’s Pride” were shown back-to-back this weekend. We’ll discuss them together here.  After the long-awaited revelations about the Soul Translator and Kirito’s… Read More »

By Joe Ballard, February 25, 2019 0 Reviews

For the second week in a row, Sword Art Online keeps its focus entirely on Kirito’s situation in the Underworld and mostly continues at a slower, dialogue-driven pace. While these elements worked like a charm last week, “The End Mountains” ultimately… Read More »

By David Roa, March 19, 2015 114

Tommy Wiseau tried way too hard to replicate and exaggerate what made The Room unique and in doing so made a tacky and unwatchable show that will fade away into obscurity.

By David Roa, October 9, 2014 4

SPOILER WARNING: The mice get together and decipher what the hell went down in Destiny and the story that left many confused Will we go off subject and end up not really understanding what went on ourselves? Possibly.

By Claudia Marina, May 11, 2014 0 Columns, Telediction

In honor of Mother’s Day, this one goes out to all the mommas, mommas, mommas…

By Claudia Marina, May 7, 2014 166

I’d argue that this is same-level yet sober-worse than his bout with alcoholism and general pathetic disposition in Season 4.

By Claudia Marina, April 30, 2014 18

“I wish it were yesterday.”

By Claudia Marina, April 14, 2014 0

California Bitchezzz

By Claudia Marina, April 13, 2014 53 Columns, Telediction

Let’s take a little virtual vacation to Westeros where apparently winter hasn’t even arrived.

By Claudia Marina, April 7, 2014 19

Feelings are hurt, mistakes have been made. I think Abraham Lincoln said that.