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By Claudia Marina, March 30, 2014 192 Columns, Telediction

I hate to see you go but love to watch you leave.

By Claudia Marina, March 2, 2014 43 Columns, Telediction

All I can say is that living in Miami, I hope my spring break is the perfect blend of art and commerce.

By Claudia Marina, February 16, 2014 2 Columns, Telediction

I don’t always agree with what other people are saying, but this last week, I heard an interesting take on “Girls,” that I’d like to explore.

By David Roa, January 28, 2014 153

“The more I watch Rick and Morty the more I’ve come to realize how similar it is to the movie Bedazzled.”

By David Roa, January 21, 2014 105

The premise of this episode involves Rick giving the family a box, that when pressed, unleashes a magical being called a Meeseek that will accomplish any task you desire and then explodes.