Telediction: Sprang Break 4 Eva

I’m ready to go on Spraaaaang Break guys, but my devotion to you Teledictioners is unwaning. Catch up on “The Walking Dead” and “Girls” before tonight’s respective episodes while I’m on a six-hour bus ride home. All I can say is that living in Miami, I hope my spring break is the perfect blend of art and commerce.

I’m out babies.


The Walking Dead

Dare I say this week’s “The Walking Dead” was actually enjoyable?

Hold, up. I don’t want you thinking I’ve gone soft, but for the first time in a while, I caught myself watching the show and actually intrigued. With segmented groups, a show like “The Walking Dead” has difficulty of catching up and relating their stories to the important big picture, though something is happening this season. Could it be that writers are taking a new approach? Details like the bus and the commune along with the fact that coincidence actually made the lives of characters more difficult for once in this show don’t necessarily prove the show is heading in the right direction (There’s still room for error, as I’m well aware with this show.), but it did make for a solid hour of TV.

Rick, Carl and Michonne are proving to be the most enjoyable group to survey. The most annoying I’d guess would have to be Tyreese, Carol and the girls – that has a lot to do with the budding psychopath Lizzie and Carol’s deadpan expressions. Though the group pairings are interesting, I will say that, though all the strongest characters are in the new Rick and Co.

Carl and Michonne go out on a supply run while Rick stays at the house theyre squatting in temporarily to rest. Before Carl and Michonne leave the house though, can I just take a moment to reflect on Carl’s weird ass soy milk speech like “HAHA soy milk sucks Judith is dead! I’m going to go read. Peace.”

UM. Ok, man. Though I have a hard time believing acting-wise that came out of the blue. That might have been an unintended expression for Carl to have, but it wasn’t really subtle. They leave and he’s being a rightful sourpuss. Not even Michonne can make him smile with a can of crazy cheese. Has Carl ever seen “The Goofy Movie”?

“I was laughing … inside,” Carl replies. I don’t know whether to laugh because it’s so awkward or walk away if I were Michonne.

Carl hits an emotional chord with Michonne when she briefly mentions toddlers. We find out that the boy from her dreams was her 3-year-old son, Andre Anthony, who died right after everything happened. Carl goes through the rooms clearing them in order to ask her more questions. Does the hallway count as a room? He asks. Only if they find something useful in it, Michonne replies. Don’t worry girl, Carl’s got you.

Carl find a painting useful, for God knows what reason other than OH MY GOD IT’S A PAINTING OF A WOMAN WITH BLOOD STREAMING DOWN HER FACE.

So useful. This season will be informally known as the season Carl turns into a serial killer. First it’s zombies, then humans. Maybe Lizzie and him can join forces, until he realized she almost killed his sister and he kills her too. Writers get on this spin-off.

While Carl and Michonne are playing a weird game of 20 questions, Rick is hiding under the bed. He’s weak and unable to defend himself when a group of men raid the home. Rick finds out they’re also planning to rape Michonne after finding her clothes, so he knows these are not guys to be fucked with, especially after one guy killed another for sleeping on the big bed.

Rick’s scenes were actually my favorite because it was reminiscent of a thriller instead of the gore that’s overexposed week after week. With no lines for the duration of his scenes, Andrew Lincoln gives a nice performance as a man trapped and scared in his own house. I’m glad it was Rick and not a woman because Rick really does seem weaker and he’s exploring a new side of vulnerability. The Rick of seasons past would have confronted these guys or killed them off one by one. He only kills one, in the bathroom, out of necessity before he makes his escape. He’s no longer the sheriff, and all the killing has seemed to have an emotional toll on him since Lori died. He only kills now when it’s necessary and was about to when he sees Michonne and Carl return to the house, but luckily, a zombie in the distance distracts one of the guys on the porch and they’re able to get out. They dropped everything and left, realizing surviving was more important than egos. As they walk down the road Tyreese and Carol passed with the girls, they find the same sanctuary/commune. “Those who arrive, survive,” they read, unknowing that they passed the same location where Judith was being carried days before.


The second group in the episode is composed of Glenn and Tara, whom we saw last week. They end up in the back of the Army truck driven by the red-haired-handlebar-mustached man introduced to us as Sgt. Abraham Ford. Ford is driving Dr. Eugene Porter and his girlfriend, a stereotypically sexy Latina in the apocalypse known simply as Rosita (c’mon now), to Washington D.C. because Dr. Porter knows what started this all and he knows how to end it. Where was this guy in Season 1? Anyway, never mind knowing what exactly caused this thing,  “It’s classified.” All we need to know is that Ford needs Glenn and Tara because he saw them handle zombies and feels they would be good assets to their group. He treats them almost like prisoners, giving them no other option than to stay together. When Glenn decides to leave to find Maggie and Ford insults him by saying he’s wasting his time. The get into a fight in the middle of the road and Glenn holds up impressively well. The problem is a bunch of Zombies appear out of a cornfield and the Mullet-doting Dr. Porter has no idea how to use a machine gun. Ford takes a moment to stop fighting Glenn to yell at Porter to stop shooting, but this guy is having way too much fun and woops – the truck is kaput.

I guess that coincidence made the situation worse for Ford and Co. and also viewers because I’ really like to see this thing settled and the plot ACTUALLY progress. But it worked out for Glenn because we’re going to find Maggie!

Did I say coincidences turned out for the worst? Clearly, never in Glenn’s case.



Hannah didn’t lose her job! I can’t believe Jenna Lyons, I mean, her boss, actually kept her on GQ’s advertorial team after the stunt she pulled in “Free Snacks.”

With her first paycheck, Hannah buys herself a killer dress because, “This is way more than my rent!” It wasn’t until Hannah made a wardrobe change that I re-noticed how great the costume department on “Girls” is. Hanna’s always frumpy, wearing clothes that don’t really fit her and don’t do anything for her body/self esteem, which reflects her current state. Remember earlier in the season when Marnie showed Hannah off telling Hannah’s friends, “I keep telling her she could look like this every day if she wanted”? It’s the moment realized in “Girls” real-life. Hannah feels good about her job, the money she’s making and the wonderful news that her boyfriend, Adam, got the part in Broadway play. So she does what any girl would do, buy a kick-ass dress and head over to the Gramercy Park Hotel.

To celebrate Adam’s success, she invites everyone, despite the awkwardness of last episode. Shoshanna shows up with Elijah as if nothing happened and Adam shows up with some guy that was on One Tree Hill and has everyone wooing over him, except for Hannah, who is concerned after Patti LuPone told her that her and Adam’s lives would change considerably after the news and that he would leave her for something better. Ouch.

Marnie arrives at the hotel post break-up (not an actual break-up) with Ray, who she refused to actually call her boyfriend out of embarrassment and Ray called it quits on whatever they had. Despite her “I’m-better-than-this” demeanor, Marnie is actually quite heartbroken and shows up to the Gramercy Park Hotel with a box of pizza (it seemed she wouldn’t have even showed up if it weren’t for what happened with Ray) and breaks down in the bathroom. Hannah, bored with One Tree Hill guy’s stories, follows Marnie and asks her what’s wrong. Marnie replies, “I can’t tell.”

But of course we know Marnie after a good try to turn on her gears and become the opportunist she’s meant to be. She ends up emerging from the bathroom and forming a connection over a song to One Tree Hill guy. She even gives him her email with her Dropbox information if he ever wants to like hook up or kick-start her singing career. Who knows? But dude’s got a girlfriend, who’s making paella, and Marnie’s all “Pa Ella?” No, “Pa Mi.”

Haha, that’s a joke my grandma makes.



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