Telediction: Strange Love

Love is in the air on “Game of Thrones” this week.

Wait Claudia, you say, did we watch the same episode?

The episode where Lysa Arryn is thrown out the Moon Door and Tyrion Lannister rots in a jail cell expecting to have to fight The Mountain solo? Yeah, that one.

In the world of “Game of Thrones,” this is as uplifting as it gets, and it was actually nice.

So while Cercei plans on recruiting The Mountain to fight her brother, Tyrion realizes who his true friends are – seemingly no one, except for his brother who’s useless in this scenario. Even Bronn, who fought as Tyrion’s champion back when we first saw the powers of the Moon Door, decides he won’t help his boss (no longer friend?) because he’d rather settle down with his new wife and stay alive long enough to con his way into a castle. Surprisingly, Tyrion’s champion does come through. It’s Prince Oberyn, who just five episodes ago burned Tyrion with a “hello … not you” at Joffrey’s wedding. He comes forth with a touching story about the day Tyrion was born and how cruel Cercei always way toward him. Everyone called Tyrion a monster, but Oberyn knew plainly that is was just a baby, smaller than most but deserving of love. Because Oberyn’s true mission in King’s Landing can’t be bought off so easily by Tywin Lannister, he goes to Tyrion after finding out that the challenger is the Mountain to kill the man who raped and killed his sister, Elia. Something tells me his knowledge of poisons makes up for his svelte frame, an unsuspecting bad ass, like Dario Nahaaris.

Speaking of whom, finally got his date with Dany after a strange speech that he’s only good for two things: killing and sexing. Dany’s kind of into him, but it seems to me that her affection is more teasing than genuine amour. Her care goes deeper into Jorah, who becomes jealous after seeing Dario take the walk of shame out of Dany’s room. Jorah finally convinces his queen, whom he still refers to as Khaleesi, to change her ways of ruling and offer her subjects a choice. She listens and finally gives him a feeling way better than any one-night stand.

In other forms of love – erm more questionable kinds – Melisandre and Stannis Baratheon’s wife, Selyse, have a strange sister-wivesey talk while Melisandre unabashedly and very strategically parades her naked body. She’s displaying her lust, telling Selyse that she was just a vehicle for Stannis’ biological needs. Poor Selyse probably wants to be her friend or actually be her, so she agrees with everything Melisandre says, even if it means sacrificing her own daughter to the Lord of Light.

Then there’s that creepy uncle kind of love. I’m of course talking about Littlefinger and Sansa. After spending all her time cooped up in the Eyre under a bezerk aunt and spoiled brat of a cousin, all the girl wants to do is reminice about home when she sees the first snowfall since leaving Winterfell. Here comes Robin and destroys it and she slaps him. She’s basically dead, right? Almost, until Littlefinger comes tells her to fuggetaboutit and tugs on her heart strings during a nostalgic time for her.

“In a better world, where love can overcome strength and duty,” she would have been his daughter. Then he plants one on her and she’s not completely put off. What? The best part of this scene though was Lysa in the background watching and plotting to kill her own niece because she kissed her man.

Lysa of course gets too close to the moon door and Littlefinger being Littlefinger pushes his wife down the Moon Door. Now that nothing’s holding us back Sansa, what do you say baby girl?

The best kind of love though is that of friendship and it comes with the return of Hot Pie, Arya’s old friend with an affinity for baked goods. He advances the Stark plot by proving that not all strangers are bad people and tells Brienne and Podrick that Arya is probably with the hound, which they deduce would mean they’re headed to the Eyrie. Is a reunion on the rise? I won’t tease you, readers, probably not but let’s stay all fuzzy for a few more hours until tonight’s episode airs.


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