The First Trailer For “Fantastic Four” Is Here

In what looks like a darker reiteration of the previous movie versions, Fox has unveiled the first trailer for the reboot of Fantastic Four. We’ve heard that this movie has been in developmental hell and hints to tie-ins with the current X-Men franchises. It’s a decent look with flashes of the cast using their respective powers, but can they ramp up interest with the public knowing so little?

The Fantastic Four, written by Simon Kinberg, directed by Josh Trank, and starring Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, and Kate Mara, opens August 7th, 2015. Are you going to see it?


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Journalist, Self-published author of five books, podcast host, and photographer since 2014, Murjani Rawls has been stretching the capabilities of his creativity and passions, Rawls has as a portfolio spanning through many mediums including music, television, movies, and more. Operating out of the New York area, Rawls has photographed over 200+ artists spanning many genres, written over 700 articles ranging displaying his passionate aspirations to keep evolving as his years in media continue.

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