Introducing… Couch Crabs


Dead Screen proud to be partnering with our good buddies at Couch Crabs!

What happens when you search “Couch Crabs”? Well, you get a few humorous yahoo answers pages asking about whether or not the aforementioned place of sitting is a hot bed of STDs or STIs (whatever the kids call them now). That has now changed. From the depths of a Pittsburgh suburb a new brand of affliction (sweet shirts, bro) has arisen.

I present to you Couch Crabs a show where two friends yell at each other while playing video games; inspired by years of tradition. Every year for the past 5 or 6 years we would set aside a day where we would dust off my Sega Saturn and play all of the games I have for it. Some games we never get past the first level, some are so laughably bad that we give up within a few minutes and one is an “Independence Day” movie tie-in game.

For our first outing we decided to play Mr. Bones. This game may very well be the most obscure, most bizarre, and most “so bad it’s awesome” kind of thing. I’d actually never beaten the first level until about 3 years ago when we decided to give it a shot.

But what does this all mean to you? Is it but a song in the night you dare not to sing? Is it that no smoking sign you want to smoke in front of and have your picture taken while doing it so you can upload it to facebook with the caption #YOLO? We think you’ll find this channel like the one who got away. If that ‘one’ were two guys teeth deep in the unemployment line who like to make archaic movie references.

In our new partnership with Dead Screen we will be bringing you a variety of shows. Lot’s of inebriated game playing as well as our indie-game spotlight show: Download Dreams. In this show we will be highlighting indie games we found while randomly clicking around on the internet.

Now, you may find yourselves still wondering: who are the Couch Crabs? We are more than a cheap video card, built-in MacBook microphone, and a third of a case of Heineken Light. Simply said – it’s your own soul looking into the void of eternity echoing that great question: Why?

We are very excited for some of the exciting things the Couch Crabs have planned for Dead Screen. Enjoy!


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